[Spoiler] Question Re: Failing Sidequests

Hello all, I seem to be in a bit of a bind.

Background: I have finished ending A. I would like to see all endings of the game, and maybe get a platinum trophy. I failed a sidequest (marked in quest log as red x) and accidentally quicksaved (damn x/o swap gets me once every hour or so). My other save is like, 8 hours back. Am I screwed? I know there is a trophy for 80% sidequest completion, but there is NO WAY I'm looking at the hidden trophies before I've finished all the endings I can, as it would spoil things.

So my questions are, if anyone has this info/has looked at the trophy list: is there a trophy for 100% sidequests? (yes/no) Is there a special ending (please only say yes/no, no more specifics or spoilers) that has anything to do with 100% sidequests?

This sidequest in question is actually stupid hard and I was way underpowered for it when I tried, and you only get one attempt without reloading your save. The enemies seemed to scale to my level and that I've finished ending A, while the npc I was "protecting" was completely unscaled and got oneshot by a stray ball, quest failed. Like, come on. Really.

Thanks for any information or help in advance!

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