[SPOILER] About what Adam actually says to 9S

After 9S is abducted by Adam during Route B. There is a point where Adam says to 9S, "You're thinking about how much you want to **** 2B, aren't you?".

At first, I assumed Adam said the word, "Fuck", or, "Love", but after 2B was killed by A2 and I learned that 2B was actually 2E, I started to think Adam could've said, "Kill".

Let me explain my reasoning behind why I think he said this, Right before the final fight of the game, A2 mentions how 2B is actually 2E, an executioner model designed to kill whatever scanner model they were assigned to in the case that the scanner model found out the truth of humanity, which will inevitably happen due to scanners' curiosity, after A2 says this, she goes on to state that 9S already knew of this information and that 2B has already killed 9S many times before the prologue even begins. With this information, could that mean when 9S witnessed A2 killing 2E, he became hellbent on killing A2 because he was taken away the chance to kill 2E himself? That is, if he already knew she was 2E at that time. If so that would explain why 9S actually seemed to enjoy killing the 2B models while fighting the the tower.

Also, executioner models were made to kill scanner models if scanners found out the truth, then that scanner models memories would be wiped and given a new body, so does that have any context in the prolouge when 9S uploaded only 2B's data to the bunker after self-destructing their black boxes?

And finally, does 2E know the truth of humanity? I know the executioner models were a top secret model made to prevent the truth from spreading if discovered, so wouldnt the E models have to know the truth to prevent the Scanners from sharing it?

I know this is a long post but if anyone could give me answers that would appreciated. If there is anything that I missed in-game that answers any of these questions, make sure to share 🙂

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  1. I think all of your questions are up for debate and a matter of opinion. I also think Adam said “kill” to 9s but I also think that 9s’s feelings are very complicated. I think he both loves and hates 2B because he has some inclination that she’s being forced to do this (meaning she doesn’t necessarily want to do it) and he cherishes her and her companionship. That being said he also resents her for constantly killing him. He is essentially a pawn, like all of YoRHa and he hates it. So, in my opinion he wasn’t mad at A2 for killing 2B because he wanted to do it, he felt grief for losing his friend. But at the same time, deep down he wanted to kill 2B too so that he would end the cycle of constantly being killed. But not because he hated 2B if that makes sense. Just hated what she had to do. So he wanted it to end, no matter how it had to end (but he hoped there was a way for it to end without killing 2B although he knew that was impossible). Ending E leaves us with lots of hope though.

    I would say that 2B knows the truth about humanity, yes. That could be debated though. I think she does because she perfectly follows orders so even if she knew humanity was extinct, she wouldn’t stop following orders, so the Commander wouldn’t have to worry about having another A2 (abandoning post). And like you said, she would need to know what 9S was finding out in order to stop him for discovering the secret. She wouldn’t know when to kill him otherwise.

    Side note: I don’t think 9S knew from the beginning that 2B was actually 2E. I think he just had some gut feeling about what she was doing. At least, that’s what I think.

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