SPL S4 Spring Masters Bracket Challenge Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the SPL S4 Spring Masters Challenge. We had twenty-five participants, and I am hopeful we will see more people entering as the season goes on.

The most correctly-picked sets were:

  1. NRG Esports vs. LG Direwolves – 25/25 picked NRG Esports to win
  2. Team Eager vs. Black Dragons – 25/25 picked Team Eager to win
  3. Obey Alliance vs. NRG Esports – 22/25 picked Obey Alliance to win

The most incorrectly-picked sets were:

  1. Team Eager vs. Team Dignitas – 21/25 picked Team Eager to win
  2. Luminosity vs. Team Rival – 19/25 picked Luminosity to win
  3. Isurus Gaming vs. Black Dragons – 16/25 picked isurus Gaming to win

Some maybe only interesting to me stats:

  1. Teams with the most First Bloods were 5-3 in their set scores (Dig split with SoaR, NRG split with LG Direwolves)
  2. Teams with the most First Gold Furies were 7-3 in their set scores
  3. Teams with the most First Fire Giants were 6-3 in their set scores (Obey did not kill the FG in game 2 against Team Dignitas, so it ended up split).

The top four scoring participants were (in order):

/u/Mangosaremybae – 3500 gems

/u/pht99 – 2500 gems

/u/CrimsonArrow17 – 1500 gems

/u/Zentius – Pro League Bellona skin

I will contact you directly, but congratulations on your winnings!

If there is interest, I will continue to run these for each split. Further, I am looking into setting up a fantasy league for future splits, but there isn't a time frame for that yet.

As always, if you have time, check out http://lazyrecall.com for SMITE and SPL thoughts.

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