Something I just realized about Virtuous Treaty’s and Cruel Blood Oath’s stories

So we know that their weapon stories are probably about 2B and 9S. However, I think "probably" doesn't quite cut it, because these stories have a structure completely different from every other weapons in the game.

Every weapon story either has a character with clearly defined occupation (the three princesses in the beast set, YoRHa staff in the 4O set, etc), or when the character is simply "a man" (Type-3 Blade) or "a young girl" (Ancient Overlord), their lives are described in details in the weapon story… Except Virtuous Contract, Virtuous Treaty, and Cruel Blood Oath. Their stories are extremely vague, with no information on whom they are about, or what exactly happened to them.

  • Virtuous Contract only reveals that it is the thought of someone in a war, but reveals nothing of the war or the person.
  • Virtuous Treaty describes a failed romance with a lover who died, but it said nothing of why the person "failed to connect" or why their lover died, while Cruel Lament and Virtuos Grief did a similar thing but in much greater details.
  • Cruel Blood Oath also describes a romance that doesn't seem to be working out, with no indication of what "hurt him" or what the person's "place in life" is that it's "as close as possible, yet eternally distant."

Why would these stories be so vague and give so few answers, while all the others tell a complete story? The only explanation I can think of is that the stories were already detailed elsewhere… in the game itself. And of course, everything in those stories line up with what we know from the game.

  • Virtuous Contract is pretty obvious
  • 9S doesn't to seem to mind being killed by 2B as much as being alone, explaining "When I was close, I hurt him. Yet being distant hurt him more."
  • "As close as possible, yet eternally distant" could be taken in 2 ways: 2B being physically "close" to 9S while having to be emotionally "distant", or being emotionally "close" by finally letting him know her feelings (Oh… Nines…) but "eternally distant", because she died right after

I didn't think I would still have new realizations about the game more than a month after finishing it. I was wrong.

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