[Some Spoilers] Disappointed With the Game

So I've had BotW for over a week now and it's been a great experience, a Legend of Zelda game with mechanics akin to Assassins Creed and The Elder Scrolls is everything I never knew I wanted. I really appreciate the ability to choose where I want to go and when I want to do something, it's great to be able to walk away and still have something new to do when a certain enemy, landscape or puzzle is frustrating you.

The constant weapon breaking took some getting used to, but I've already had some experience from Oblivion and Fallout (3 & New Vegas?), except those weapons don't disappear and are able to be repaired, anyways with a constant supply of weapons and Hestu's help, I got over it.

I spent quite a bit of time running around searching for shrines, determined to find as many as I could without resorting to guides (at 90 now and still going strong), then finally made my way to Zora's domain. I thought it was really cool how they tried to force you to take the enemy-filled path by incorporating the rain, making it almost impossible to use the mountains. I was not in the mood for any electrical enemies to knock the weapons out of my hands though, so I took the mountains anyway, to the best of my ability.

My first divine beast was Vah Ruta, I had to make several attempts at the first phase (shooting out the orbs) but I finally got in. Everything was going fine, then it came to the big wheel that I absolutely could not figure out how to turn. Cue the hour it took me to realize that, when I had unlocked the map, I had also unlocked the controls for the beast.

After that embarrassing failure I made sure not to repeat it again once I had arrived at Vah Rudania and then Vah Naboris. The mechanics still caused some frustration but I thought it was an incredible way to make the puzzle more interesting as well as to show off how dynamic they've made the world.

Which brings me to mounts, I was unsurprised to find that I could mount and ride horses, a little moreso surprised to find horses like the one in the Taobab Grasslands, but still not surprised. I was however shocked the first time I rode a bear, and then again when a quest specifically asked me to mount a deer.

This brings me to my main point. I had just unlocked the map for the Gerudo Highlands, when I got to Meadela's Mantle I was ecstatic to see the Tabanthan Moose. MOOSE! I was already planning the route I would take down the mountain (which admittedly probably wouldn't have worked) once I had mounted my moose. I saw some Bokoblins riding in the distance, so I whipped out my scope to check out their sick moose mounts. They were riding bears. Odd, I thought, seeing as these moose were ripe for the picking. Meh, Bokoblins aren't cool enough anyway. After several valiant attempts, turns out you can't mount the moose, just shoot 'em up and eat them. You can mount bears, deer and even Lynels to some extent, but a moose? No. What the actual canuck, Nintendo.

TL,DR: You can't ride the frigging moose.

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