So long as it’s stable.. content can wait! (A CTD rant)

Mostly rant post inc.. Been playing JS on and off again for a pretty long while now, and as much as content has been snail-slow at being implemented, I for one always managed to find a way to enjoy myself solo or with my crew.

That was until the patch right before the one of today.. I cant begin to count how many times I have CTD in the past few weeks. I could be running in an opened field alone.. CTD. I can be looting in PV..CTD. I could be driving in a car (after hours of looking for one) only to CTD then log back in and instantly blowup. They can occur 5 minutes after logging in or after an hour..There is nothing consistent in what I was doing at the time that I could link to the reason as to why these CTDs are occurring.

Basebuiding… Loot tables…. FPS drops… hell even the abundant hacking issues that plague this game can all take a backseat to the glaring Crash to Desktop issue that many of us have been dealing with for far to long now.

In fairness to the Devs, I haven't had the chance to get on and play since the wipe this morning, but after reading through the patch notes and seeing the clear attempts they claim to have made in fixing these CTDs… if they still persists I may have to shelf this game for the foreseeable future.

I'm with the majority here that want the new Map, craves new content, wants an end put to these hackers and exploiters.. but honestly, as mentioned at the start of this post I can deal with all of that and still find a way to have fun. What I can't deal with any longer is spending my limited gaming time reconnecting over and over again.

/Rant over

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