So I think I figured out why Divine Storm isn’t hitting things the way it should.

Playing around last night I noticed something when I was using Divine Storm. I can't fully confirm it until I get home to do more testing, but I think I know why it's not hitting things the way it should.

I jumped around and did the first WQ in the broken shore last night with the murlocs. Out of reflex I was spamming divine storm in hopes to hit things not realizing that it was still breezing right through enemies. Sometimes it would hit them, others it would just go right through and do nothing. I kept using it and I noticed that the farther away I got from the enemies, the more divine storm would hit.

So I stood far back from the next group of enemies and threw DS at them. It hit them immediately. And everytime I did it from a distance away, it hit every single time. Even in dungeons, I would take steps back and use DS, and it would hit everything.

I think the targetting has been knocked off because the drop point for the skill isn't set to your character, it's much farther out in front of you. Something in 7.2 messed up where the skill is being set to drop.

I don't have 100% certainty that this is the case, but from what I did last night with it it seemed to work when I was far enough back. It's possible that it's with every other class having AoE problems too (Though I only have my paladin to test it out).

It's still messed up and needs to be fixed though because I shouldn't have to get distance for an ability to hit when it's not supposed to do that.

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