So I Accidentally beat the game… (Spoilers)

So I'm a little disappointed. I got the game last week and have been loving every moment of it – the free roam, the survivalist mechanics with food and weapons, the references to previous games (I've been a huge Zelda nerd my whole life!). Keep in mind I've been playing totally blind, no spoilers and no info about the game at all.

A few days ago I reclaimed the Zora Guardian, and last night I reclaimed the Goron Guardian. I'm yet to visit anywhere on the western side of the map, so that's completely dark, but after finishing Death Mountain I decided I'd have a quick peek around Hyrule Castle before heading to bed, with my gear being decent enough at this point to be able to semi-competently deal with the guardians. Anyway, in I stroll, take out a giant skele-king, pick up a Hylian Shield (sick!), climb up a bit further, and BAM! cutscene!

Here we go! I'm expecting something Majora's Mask-esque, where the final boss battle is accessible but not able to be completed until all four giants are freed. Instead, two weak blights appear (obviously the ones I hadn't killed yet) and I knock them over. Ganon appears, and I give him a few slashes to his back legs. He triggers his invincibility but my Goron power just knocks back his lasers, stunning him while I finish him off.

Next I'm in the field, Zeldy drops me her bow and is apparently still young after being in the castle for 100 years (gurl, tell me your secret) and I knock out the demon king with a couple of arrows on the one horse I registered, with literally the worst stats, and never used. Credits start rolling. I didn't even want to finish the game! I still had two dungeons left! I just wanted to have a look at the castle! I mean, how easy must Ganon be if you actually have all the "proper" equipment?

Since finishing it I decided to have a Google and I understand they wanted a free-roam mechanic where you could challenge the last boss at any point. I guess I understand what they were going for, but I feel so underwhelmed. I remember playing through Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess and all these other games and, even then, with all the end game equipment, (maybe minus the Fierce Deity mask) having a decent struggle. But this… I was half way through, I didn't go in prepared, and I just cruised through.

Don't get me wrong. Still an excellent game, and I'm probably going to play a lot more of it, collecting all the extra armor and stuff, but I feel like I cruised through something that apparently hyped up a challenge. Maybe I've been playing too much Dark Souls (seriously omg kill me again you filthy filthy hollows), but… SIGH. I WASN'T READY TO WIN. I DIDN'T WANT THIS.


TLDR: Reclaimed 2 guardians, went to check out castle, apparently cruised through final boss battle, sad because I beat game prematurely and expected more from my zeldy.

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