So, How Far in the Minority am I?

Because I don't get the SB/9S in love thing.

I always got more of a close friends or familial love relationship over romantic love….perhaps heading into some sort of pangs of attraction, but nothing more. While I saw things that could be construed as romantic association, I personally felt they better explained a familial or a strong friendship. I think the story works with either type of love, but I personally think the non-romantic version is much more tragic. Sacrifice for those that you are not 'in love' with seems much harder to procure from people, so to see that in that story (in my eyes) made it much more powerful.

I could probably write paragraphs about this, but it's not my intention to try to sway anyone to my side, or make anyone who thinks it's a romantic relationship think they are 'wrong'. If anyone wants to talk about certain things, or point out things specific things about this dynamic, I'm happy to discuss them; I'm not looking for this to devolve into some conversation about who is 'wrong', because I'm fairly confident there's no way to present the 'correct' version of the story. Maybe it's the political science professor in me, but I've always found debate = good, argument = bad.

I was honestly just curious about the viewpoint of the community about this train of thought, because a lot of the postings these days seem to run pretty contrary to how I see things, haha.

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