Skill Combinations that are OP on the low.

Obviously the balance on some of the skills offered to us is kind of out of wack so it seems like a lot of abilities get cast to wayside when things like nigh infinite LW can exist. I feel like this is the fighting game equivalent of who is your favorite low tier, but anyway here we go.

  1. Kekkai Talisman+Winter Dawn. Like Kusa needed anything else to solidify itself as the best weapon. If there ever comes a day where they nerf damage output a lot and the game refocuses itself on ki depletion this will be pretty dope. Destroys Yokai without the use of discord and pretty darn good against high level mob Revenants to break their guard. You can even switch weapons after buffing to use things like Kick from the Katana tree. Pretty cool.

  2. Kara Jishi+Backwave. Backwave probably being one of the most vaguely explained skills and seemingly useless when everyone is just using Haze -> Iai -> Final Blow. Backwave requires use of Timely Guard, which is to say, hit the block button right as the opponent hits you. The opponent will reel back and then you just need to hit the guard button against to initiate Tempest (this will knock them down for Final Blow). Timely Guard is safer than the various mid-stance parries because if you screw up the timely guard window you will likely just end up blocking the attack. You screw up a parry and you're likely going to eat some damage. Anywho, do a Backwave and activate the Kara Jishi attack buff which stacks with Carnage/Power Pill etc. and do monstrous damage. Kara Jishi guard reduction trait is very conducive to milking those backwaves or even just practicing it. This GS is also just great for any non-critical life build.

  3. Makabishi (Ball)+Medusa Power. lol

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