Self-imposed “Hard Mode” rules

I'm starting my 2nd play through now. Made up some "hard mode" rules to keep it interesting:

  • only eat by a safe campsite
  • only save at shrines and beds
  • death = load last manual save
  • no hero powers
  • no hylian shield b4 hero tunic
  • all beasts mandatory
  • max 5 ancient arrows
  • max lvl2 armour
  • only tp from shrines
  • upgrade inventory storage equally
  • No hearty food unless on max hp

Should keep things challenging and force some more exploration.

What do you think?

EDIT Here's v2, actually wrote up all the extended rules I'm considering. A lot of these have yet-to-be tested and I'm not sure if I actually like them. Pls let me know what you think!

BoTW Self-Imposed Hardmode Rules

Core Rules

These rules alone should make regular enemy encounters a bit less of a breeze, and hopefully make you play more carefully!

  • Only eat or change by a safe campsite
  • Only save blue circles or beds
  • Death = load last manual save
  • No hero abilities
  • Max lvl2 armor
  • Only TP from blue circles

Additional Restrictions

Mostly to catch easily-exploited features, I hope these restrictions will prevent it being too easy to revert back to being OP.

  • Falling in a pit or drowning = death
  • Hit leaving you on 1hp = 3 second stun
  • No hearty food unless on max hp
  • No Amiibo's or DLC Chests
  • No reviving horses
  • Upgrade inventory evenly (shield, bow, weap)
  • No elemental 1-hit-ko on lizafos/wizrobes


I think this should ensure that you don't miss any of the key optional-quests, and make sure nothing is left until it's too easy.

Unlockable Requirement
Towers Tingel Island
Hateno Village Spring of Wisdom
Rito Village Eventide Rito Minigame
Gerudo Town Thundra Plateau
Shrine Sensor 60 Spirit Orbs
Hylian Shield Hero's Tunic
Ganon All Beasts

Arrow Unlocks & Upgrades

I really missed "unlocking" new arrow types, and earning upgrades in minigames. Let's bring that back!

Arrow Unlock Deer Hunt Mtd Archery F. Range
Normal 30 50 70 100
Fire Tycho 3 5 7 10
Ice Selmey's 3 5 7 10
Elec Zora 3 5 7 10
Fire Tycho 3 5 7 10
Bomb Rito 3 5 7 10
Ancient Tarrey* 1 2 3 5
  • The old guy who gives the quest to kill the guardians

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