Route C’s Start Tilted Me (Spoilers)

So I just started Route C yesterday, and what can I say? I'm just…

What the hell just happened? From a storytelling and game design perspective, the shock, intensity, chaos, and tragedy of it all… jaw-droppingly amazing.

But my heart can only take so much. 6O man. The fact that it had to be you who had to kill her, and her "tHaNkZ foR thE fLoWeRZ" malfunction…why must you hurt me this way Yoko Taro? And Commander! You're kind of a bitch (although you're insanely smoking hot), but the way you faced your fate with determination and dignity…manly tears have been shed.

Last but definitely not least, 2B man. The way she saved 9s, the way she said 9s as her last words, and the fact that I'll never play as that sexy yet adorbs killing machine…I'm still in disbelief.

A2 is nice, and she's already grown on me after returning to the Resistance Base and reading all that stuff on Anemone's computer, but I'm really not yet prepared to say goodbye to 2B just yet. :'(

Man, I don't think it's healthy to have this much feels of this magnitude from a game. Yoko Taro you owe me therapy money.

Sorry for the gushing. Thanks for reading. Can't help but vent out here. I only know two people IRL who have already finished the game, and my bro, who's also playing, isn't there yet, so I can't spoil it to him yet. I actually tell him to GTFO when I play so he won't be spoiled.

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