(REQUEST)Please add an Aloyfied version of these outfits.

First of all thank you Guerrilla games for this masterpiece of a game. I am glad to finally have a truly massive immersive beautiful open world game on my Ps4 with a CONSISTENT frame rate.Throughout my journey in Horizon I kept wearing the Nora brave outfit as it gave off a bad ass hunter look and made me feel like a slick Pocahontas.Sadly I didn't find this connection with other outfits as they strayed from my hunter look and its a shame cause the Nora outfit is an uncommon and the final version which is the shield weaver I think strays a bit far with the glowing material.Despite this when exploring I found NPCs with seriously sick outfits that I wish they could bring into the game as outfit dlc for Aloy to wear.I know theres a small chance that guerilla would see this post and an even smaller one of them passing this because of all the work they put into hair physics but the outfits are so beautiful and give off that hunter vibe.These are the outfits

Mrs Logan: http://imgur.com/N1IOcYs ,http://imgur.com/A58Q0s1 , http://imgur.com/aOe7eJk , http://imgur.com/713ryYr http://imgur.com/BcwOisd

Banuk she wolves : http://imgur.com/HZL1zT4 , http://imgur.com/TfBu5Iz ,http://imgur.com/EW2hbFn , http://imgur.com/pQJNX36

The hooded Nora hunters : http://imgur.com/mqs7rBr , http://imgur.com/M6fImKe

I would be willing to pay for these if they were dlc please make my dreams a reality guerilla and thanks for this awesome game.

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