Racer Rumble’s very idea is flawed

Inspired by my comment here, I thought I'd make a full thread about why Apollo's Racer Rumble was a bad idea.

The first, obvious reason, is that it's buggy as hell. There's no need listing the bugs, but they're there alright, biggest one being the placements not working properly at all. But that's not so much the idea as the execution.

The problem with the idea, is that it's a racer game. Smite simply doesn't need a racer game, the players that play it don't launch Smite for a racer game, and a big portion of them will rather play a different racer game, one that's only a racer game, and thus much better.

This is the big point HiRez missed. If I want to play Mario Kart I'll play Mario Kart, I launch Smite to play SMITE. I've never complained about HiRez, and even in the buggiest patches I always support them, saying that people complaining don't understand how difficult programming can be, and how something that is seemingly simple and easy can take weeks to fix. But holy shit was this the worst thing they've ever done. I don't know who suggested this idea, and who on earth supported them, but they should be fired. Maybe, MAYBE, if it was actually original, or working properly (AFK gets 5th place quality shit), or if the physics made sense (Bump into someone? Have fun standing in place for the next hour), I'd understand. But holy shit, you made bootleg Mario Kart in a MOBA that only attracted people in the first place because it's a 3rd-person MOBA. How about you focus on that, when the community has been complaining for 3 god damm months about still-existing bugs.

I doubt even 1% of the players would've been happier with this patch, instead of a plain, no-adventure patch, that has a TON of bug fixes. Maybe you could've even added a new god! Maybe not, we don't care, we want what's already in the game to work, not MORE glitchy shit

Edit: Lemme just say that the skins that came out with this patch were super dope, and the bundle is really worth it

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