Pretty much the best 10 gems I’ve ever spent in Clash Royale

As a f2p, I immediately go for classic challenges once I get my hands on 10 gems. My previous record was 11 wins (lost 3 times against X-Bow users), and to my surprise, I went from 8-2 to 12-2, beating a 5k golem lightning guy in the end. I was able to claim the 12 win challenge achievement, which gave me 100 gems. As this was yesterday, I hopped into the Heal Draft challenge, aiming for no more than 6 wins. For some reason, my luck was on point and I managed to get 10 wins (both gold rewards, 10 Heal cards and the giant chest). From the Heal Challenge, I got 27,500 gold from rewards, 1000 or so gold from the giant chest, and 7,000 from the challenge chest, as well as 1000 or so cards from both chests, plus a bandit from the challenge chest! So there you have it, all that from technically 10 gems. That's 4000 gold and 100 cards per gem (not including the bandit). Assuming I used the 40k gold to buy a legendary (I got ewiz), that's 1 Legendary per 5 gems. Sometimes its crazy how much value the game can give you…

TL:DR : 10 Gems -> 40k gold, 1000 cards and 1 legendary from classic challenge, and heal challenge (100 gems from 12 win achievement)

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