Optimizing a Marobashi Amrita Farm vs Other Methods

Hey all, so as one tends to do once the missions are done its time to work on your farming setup to hack away to 750 while waiting for DLC. I've been running Marobashi a lot as the title implies. Pretty standard stuff equipment wise. Fanatic, +10 Divine Atagi, Yasakani's etc.

Amrita Earned: +68.9% (Mizuchi, Oracle Blessing) Amrita Earned (LW): +58%

Anywho I get in, get beat up a little and proceed to do the damn thing while in LW while using GST for maximum cheese. You can kill everyone before it runs out. Good times. As for numbers,

Yagyu Wipe: 9.1mil // Average Run Time: 1min 25s // Amrita Per Hour: 436mil

Sake Yagyu Wipe: 18.3mil. // Amrita Per Hour: 844mil

Yagyu Complete: 11.28mil // Average Run Time: 2min // Amrita Per Hour: 338mil

Sake Yagyu Complete: 24.9mil // Amrita Per Hour: 728mil

Offer up the exotics and below to get some soul stones and voila, pretty self-contained farming method with plenty of divines to boot. With the use of sake on each go you can earn lots of Amrita very quickly, but it's not the most efficient use of the sake I feel. I also don't enjoy the idea of having to constantly farm sake so I like that it works without it too. Interestingly enough, it's more efficient to wipe on Yagyu because of loading times if you're really trying to get the best mileage out of your session. It's pretty quick and painless, but I wonder if this is at all competitive with some of the other methods out there in terms of efficiency. Wondering what you all think and what's been your go to method since 1.06 shook things up.

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