NieR:Automata Resource Materials

A lot of this is still a work in progress, but I've finally managed to complete some of this, so… yay? lol

These are the main bits of resource material that we get both within and without the game. WIPs will be designated in the link title.

  • I haven't gone over to the wiki for a while to see if this info is over there, but I've typed all of this myself from the game. I plan on getting to the in-game picture books, eventually, too. <3

  • I've also just started a new job that I don't get home from until after 8pm… so I don't know when I can work on any more of this. Plus the NieR & Gametakt concerts are coming up soon… so… I'm really at a loss for time & energy to work on anything right now… sigh

In-game info, novellas, and more…

NieR:Automata Story / Character FAQ (WIP)

Weapon Stories (English & Japanese)

Intel Archives

In-game Novels

World Guide Novellas (WIP)

Notes and more on the YoRHa idol group…

About 'YoRHa'

YoRHa Stage Play

Forward & Terminology

Pearl Harbor Descent Mission Squad Members

Audio CD & Booklet

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