NieR: Automata – Plug-in Chip Drop Locations

Still a work in progress if you have anything to add feel free to comment

Intro to farming Diamond Chips

Diamond Chips drop randomly, for most efficient farming follow these steps

Step 1. Buy Drop Rate Up from Tool Shop Machine – Machine Village/Pascal's Village

Step 2. Farm Amusement Park Rollercoaster until you're comfortable with the level/cost of your Drop Rate chip

Step 3. Farm whatever chip you're trying to get Diamond of with increased drop chance

Attack Plug-in Chips

Name Description Locations
Charge Attack Increase power of charge attacks (Hold △) to x% Goliath Biped: Desert- Adam's Boss Pit
Counter Move toward an enemy attack with perfect timing to counter it. ????
Critical Up Increase critical hit rate by x%. Small Biped -City Ruins, Small/Medium Biped – Amusement Park Rollercoaster (1 of each per ride)
Down-Attack Up Increase the power of down-attacks by x% Goliath Biped – City Ruins
Last Stand Increase attack power if HP is 25% or less. ????
Ranged Attack Up Increase the power of ranged attack by x% Small Flyer – City Ruins
Shockwave Add a shockwave to weapon attacks Small Bipeds – Desert: Housing Complex
Weapon Attack Up Increase power of weapon-based attacks by x% ????

Defense Plug-in Chips

Name Description Locations
Anti Chain Damage Turn invincible for x seconds after taking damage. ????
Auto-Heal After 6 seconds of not taking damage, restore x% HP/sec. Small Sphere – City Ruins: Cave, Linked Sphere – City Ruins
Damage Absorb x% chance to restore y% of damage taken. Medium Biped: Gun-equipped – Amusement Park Entrance
Deadly Heal Recover x% HP for every enemy defeated. ????
Max HP Up Increase maximum HP by x%. ????
Melee Defense Up Reduce melee damage taken. ????
Offensive Heal Recover x% of damage dealt as HP. ????
Ranged Defense Reduce projectile damage by x% ????
Reset x% chance of reviving with y% HP upon death. ????
Resilience Avoid stagger after hits if HP is x% or more. ????

Support Plug-in Chips

Name Description Locations
Auto-Collect Item Items are automatically drawn in and collected. ???? (Unsure if changes with level, may be removed from list if no reason to farm)
Auto-Use Item Auto-use heaing item if HP drops below x%. Heals y% more. Multi-tier Type – Desert
Drop Rate Up Increase enemy item drop rate by x%. Short Flyer – Amusement Park: Rollercoaster (Enemies reset every ride around. No need to leave area)
EXP Gain Up Gain x% more EXP from defeated enemies. Short Stubby – Amusement Park
Evade Range Up Increase evade distance by x%. ????
Fast Cooldown Reduce Pod program cooldown time by x% ????

Still a work in progress, any input to help is welcome

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