New Unraidable design and how to fix it.

Well… Maybe not everyone but almost everyone knows how to make the new unraidable design (The one with the temper in the middle where it's impossible to Raid any gate).

It won't be fixed anytime soon and please don't come and say ''Oh they are coming up with a new base building and blah blah blah.'' Please. Save your bullshit to urself. The new base building probably won't come this year or at least anytime soon. And every high pop server is already infested with unraidables.. As if floaters were not bad enough. RIght now theres only one thing you can do to fix it…

  • Remove the deck skirts. It's been so bad since it was added. (Even) less FPS and now the unraidable design shit. It's all over the place.

I know the skirts were added so people could not Log out glitch into bases. But guess what, with the new base kicking shit that shouldn't be a problem anymore. And even if. I'd prefer having people logging in on top of my base and getting kicked out as soon as they move rather than having everyone making unraidable bases and camp on them all day long.

Please remove the skirts. They did no good since they were implemented.


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