New server wiping NOW – private, PVP with great rules.

Hello people.

we have a server wiping now. great community (FR/ENG), great rules and lots of fun. – many people playing

the rules of the server is listed below here:

English Version


If you don’t respect the rules below you can be banned.

The rules are implemented to ensure a good mature gaming experience for everyone.

Respect other players and admins —- Raiding —-

Raiding is allowed from Monday to Friday, from 15:00 to 00:00 and on weekends, from 15:00 to 02:00. Rading is NEVER allowed in the secure area on the bottom. ( Below the bottom river ) It is not allowed to destroy a base completely, unless you want to build your own base at the spot. It is not allowed to raid the same base during 72 hours after the first raid. It is not allowed to destroy all benches and workstations (The server has settings, so you can look into all workstations and loot everything you want. What is a raid ? A raid is considered if you go to a base for the purpose of looting and killing the enemy. IF you get raided, you can ask an admin for 72 hours protection, no matter where your base are. Your clan name will be put on the website, and people will know how long you are protected. Remember that raiding against low level players compared to yourself, will ruin the experience for them. Remember to protect your base even outside the raiding timeframe, to ensure people not jumping into your base and looting your work stations. PVP is ALWAYS allowed at ALL times. You may not surround a base to lock them up from doing anything. Spawn killing a fresh spawn on the beach is not allowed You may only have 1 outpost per team beside your main base. This outpost can only be MAX 10 foundations. Your main base can be as big as you want, as long as it is connected. All bases MUST be raidable (no removing stairs ect) If you have stairs connecting to a tier 2 door, the stairs MUST be tier 2 or above. (so that the stairs don’t break, and the base becomes unraidable) You may NOT block access to dungeons, NPC camps, and important resource areas. You may not block people from building things (putting foundations as a blocker) Any proven cheats, exploits, third party programs, VAC ban, will result in a permanent ban (Battleeye is installed) We have a community Discord channel that you can join here: You can also contact the admins here if you have inquiries or incidents alike.

server link:

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