Low Population Server Rollups

As you know, patch 4.4 introduced Server Rollups, where low population servers are 'rolled up' to NA servers in an attempt to increase match quality. Communities of Reddit and the Smite forum has clearly voiced that the server roll up system was unnecessary and only detrimental for both low population and NA communities. NA players are required to put up with other players rubberbanding and being unable to contribute to the game, whereas low population server players have no choice but to face 300-500 ping if they wish to play specific game modes.

There are players like myself who have completely given up playing most game modes in Smite due to the unbearable ping and the wish to not burden other players and ruin their match quality. Therefore as a resolution, the server roll up system should be disabled on certain days such as weekends. Weekends are the days where most players are online and available to game which makes matchmaking a bit more promising. Such days where there is a significantly larger population online, the server roll up system should be disabled. By doing so, a segment of the community who enjoys other game modes but not the roll up system are able to play without entirely giving up on playing certain game modes ever again. And finally, those who do not mind queuing with NA ping are able to queue on weekdays.

TLDR: Server Rollups should be disabled on weekends or any other day so people who don't like NA ping can also enjoy other game modes.

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