Low Level Hosting or How I felt like a YouTuber for a night

To begin with, I consider myself a casual, even with 400+ hours in Ds3. I've not done excessive Pvp but I do watch a fair amount of YouTube videos, PvPskillz, DamnNoHtml, Rhevlon (So sorry if I butchered names, it's really late for me right now)

My SL 65 character was intended for one thing, PvP. I'm not sure if I'm going to 120 or not, it remains to be seen. In any case, I tried a different stat priority than prior characters. Instead of rushing for the damage softcap, I grabbed a Zweihänder then pumped points into Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality.

Tonight, I loaded in right after Pontiff then embered into a dried finger. I cleared the clerics and waited.

It was an epic 20 minutes… Myself and random Blues (I'm doing my part!) were able to handle ten or so invaders without a death on my part.

My proudest moment was the last two fights. A red was being slippery and used his Estus first. All running attacks with his great sword. A blue gets summoned and red runs. Blue chases while I deal with a few faithful. Blue dies, red takes the long way up while another red comes. So, I'm facing two greatsword/ugs reds with my Zweihänder and they are both choosing to chug.

A minute or two of positioning as I'm desperately working to keep from being skewered by them, helped out by inadvertent friendly red fire, I realize I'm not going to last long.

I high tail it towards the bonfire, both to separate but putting my souls in an easy recovery spot was high on the list.

Someone was smiling at me, because I managed to quickly dispatch one red while the other was catching up, then worked the second red for a minute before draining his Estus or just catching him at the right time.

Despite a not so small assist from the boys in blue, I felt proud of not only surviving but thriving in Gang City. And tomorrow night, my zweihander is going to be drinking the anguished screams of the faithful and invader alike. Perhaps I might even go without the boys in blue for a serious challenge.

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