Lawbringer’s shove after block needs to lose the unblockable light

Many of us have been complaining about Lawbringer's new "50/50", while others argue that it is reactable and does not make LB overpowered. As a Lawbringer main, I agree with the latter group, but I also agree with those that think this change has made LB much less fun to play with or against. Getting a light or GB off of block is now so easy for him that parrying or attacking becomes obsolete in many situations. This makes turtling the optimal move for LB, making him boring and obnoxious to play against, especially as characters like Kensei.

To fix this, I think that shoves after blocks should not give an unblockable light. On the other hand, shoves from neutral or shoves after heavies should still give the unblockable light to encourage more offensive play from LB. While this change would probably make LB a little too weak again, there are other aspects Ubi could buff while not encouraging turtling (a health buff to make him tankier than Shugoki would be nice ?).

On top of this, LB's animations are a little broken. His new execution makes him slide around if the victim hits a wall or ledge. Impaling Riposte (side heavy after parry) needs to be queued nearly instantly after parry, or an old and slow animation for the move plays allowing it to be blocked after a heavy parry. Make Way (zone attack after parry) has a sweet 360 animation that plays in the advanced tutorial video, but ingame LB only uses his regular zone attack animation after a parry. While the aren't critical, they all ought to be fixed for QOL and polish reasons. Lastly, this is slightly nitpicky on my part, but it'd be nice if instead of swinging his axe for side light attacks, LB stabs with the spearpoint of his poleaxe like he does after a shove (but slower, of course). The spear of the poleaxe was used much more often than the axehead in real life, so it'd be a nice nod to historical accuracy.

I'm glad Lawbae is finally a strong character, but he's too simple and safe at the moment. I think this change is necessary for him to be interesting to fight against.

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