Is Ghost Recon Wildlands the biggest missed opportunity in gaming of the last 15 years?

I have been gaming pretty much my entire life and I can't remember a game that has had so much potential, only to fall on it's face. This is not a bashing of this game, but rather a discussion of how Ubisoft had a chance to succeed in the long term rather than make a quick buck in the short term.

In an era of games that focus on fast-paced shooters, mostly FPS, Wildlands had a chance to capture a huge demographic of gamers that were (still are) looking for a semi-realistic, (3rd person) military style tactical shooter.

Ubisoft had all the time in the world to develop Wildlands into a game that had the potential to become the new crown of tactical shooters for the console generation. Think about it, if Wildlands came even close to delivering what the game was hyped up to be, imagine what they could continue to do with the Ghost Recon franchise? Fans would be chomping at the bit to preorder the next Ghost Recon title.

This game had the biggest open beta participation in Ubisoft history and they failed to take advantage of it. Instead, in typical Ubisoft fashion they decided to churn out an unfinished game and stuff DLC microtransactions down our throats. Except no one wanted them. Almost two months after release we get a DLC that is not even the same game. It literally is a different game mode.

So, here we are almost two months after release and the game still has a chance to turn things around. Features that have been talked about on this sub, both well before and after release still are nowhere to be seen. Wildlands is so close, yet so far from being a game-changing title in the world of tactical shooters.

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