Invincible turkey

So I obtained the death gun from a bandit camp…which is a huge chain gun with 200 bullets and I then thought I’d go hunt me some turkey…wow did no go as planned!!!

I found a turkey near the compound I took the gun from and lined it up in my sweet sweet sights…then i waited for it to turn its stupid beady eye upon me and BOOM!…I started pumping rounds into it.

After about 50 shots from a distance I moved in for the close personal kill….

50 more shots..this time direct hits!

I could see the blood and feathers going everywhere and the turkey visibly reacting with squarks and wing flaps …but it wasn’t going down!!!

It was making this dreadful noise too…!?

So I put another 100 rounds into it to silence that bird beak for good….just to be sure…didn’t want no zelda esque cucco attack…

That was when I realised the turkey was totally invincible…

I also realised too late that the noise was the stampeding Trampler coming from behind me. ..the bloody squarking and gun fire noise had called a herd!

I turned to mow it down with my huge machine gun…

I lined it’s horns up and unleashed bullet hell but the only sound was piff…and a dry whirl…

…of course the turkey had exhausted all but 1 pathetic round…which bounced off the charging robobull, as its steal skull beared down upon me.

It ploughed into my tiny lady frame and through me across the hot dessert plain.

As I laid on that dry cracked dirt with my broken body twisted beyond repair and the Tramplers gearing up for another charge…that bloody invincible turkey literally sauntered by clucking at me bleeding out was an inconvenience !

I will find you…

….even your iron hide won’t be enough to defend you from my righteous vengeance!!!

Anyone else encountered the dreaded invincible turkey…aka Elle indestructibla la diablo poulet!?

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