I’m still waiting to throw money at you, Ubi. Please give me a reason.

I absolutely loved GRW on release to the point where I obsessively played the game and finished all the content it had to offer far too quickly. Since then it's really been collecting dust, and I want a reason to pick it up again. Even if that's as simple as cosmetic DLC to give my character a new look, or as complex as new missions I want to play or new weapons I want to try…

But here we are and not one single piece of content that's come after release is marketed to the Ghost Recon fan. I get that Ubisoft has teenage fans to please with stupid outfits and brightly colored guns. None of that does anything for me, or I suspect anything for most members of this sub or a huge percentage of people who bought the game.

I don't expect Ubi to stop making DLC for their target demo (most of whom are probably technically too young to play M-Rated games at all.) But I'd really like at least some offerings to be made that might interest the people who have supported Tom Clancy titles for decades.

I don't want Yeti hunts, metallic bronze finishes for my guns or My Chemical Romance skins. I want new bosses to take down, some rattle-can gun camos and some gear that fits the original Tier One operator aesthetic of the game (A molle bandolier or some t-shirts with hook and loop would be a nice start.)

I want to continue to support the game, both for the selfish reason that I want more content and that I want to see a game I like flourish, but every single bit of content is something I find abhorrent to see in a Ghost Recon title.

I like goofing off. I like Saint's Row every now and then, but when I choose to play Ghost Recon, I want to see something different than Saint's Row.

Am I upset I bought the game? No. Did I buy the season pass? No, but I probably would have been upset if I did. If I was so irrevocably pissed off, I wouldn't still want to give Ubisoft my money, and the truth is that I do. So Ubisoft, please, make some content that Ghost Recon fans want… just as an experiment. See what kind of support it gets. I think that you'd be surprised with the people willing to pay money for more of what the game was advertised as way back in that video you released about 'authenticity.'

And moreover, give fans like me a statement, one way or the other on the way the game is going. We need a State of the Game that addresses when, or if, any new tactical content will be added, because I'm running out of patience checking the sub for new news that never seems to come and I'm pretty close to just checking out on the title entirely.

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