I’m doing a charity livestream for Relay for Life for 12 hours starting soon since I cannot support Allied directly. Come join in on the fun!

I can't begin to imagine what Allied's going through right now. He's already had to deal with cancer once and be at death's door, but now TWICE?! That's gotta be entirely depressing. Just like last time we need to support him in his time of need – and while I can't do that directly, I'm sure it'll bring a smile to his face if we as a community get together and support a cause related to him. We've all lost people to cancer, and we need continued effort to fight against it.

That's why for the next twelve hours, I'll be life streaming in support of Relay for Life which directly benefits the American Cancer Society. I'll be using Tiltify to handle donations, so your contributions will be going directly to Relay for Life.

I have fairly modest expectations for this, so I've set the donation goal for $500 since I usually have no viewership anyway.

Stop by for some cringy fun, or to tell me how bad I am at the game, I don't care either way. What I do care about is helping Allied and others like him through these tough times. I'll be reading off the donations between matches cuz I'm a tryhard.


Stream link is in my flair. 🙂

EDIT: Seems some people can't see my flair. Link is https://twitch.tv/anamazingcanadian

EDIT #2: I'm already super tilted, so I'm totally being aggressive in play. Don't take it to heart.

EDIT #3: Fixed my tilt, we're good minus a few outbursts.

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