If you’re considering Albion Online…Don’t!

Here's my opinion on Albion Online – Like it or not, I figure some people care to hear about multiple views before they buy and/or switch over to a new game. Yes, we all know it is in closed beta…but at this point, not much will change in four months before release.

  • I hate starting off with graphics, because graphics will not make a game good – bad graphics, however, can make a game bad. For a paid game, they are really under achieving. The characters look soooo bad. I can actually almost count the polygons of the character models.

  • The UI has drastically improved…That's a good thing! Honestly, I'm trying to give an accurate review (I'm sure Albion lovers will disagree) but that's okay.

  • Their maps definitely have improved but still they are pretty repetitive. If you have been to one snow biome zone you have been to them all.

  • Travelling in Albion is slow and annoying, they'll claim this is an economy feature but it's ultimately just a waste of your time. I suddenly realized while play how much time I spend walking my character from here to there just to do something so basic, like gather wood. Walking Online sounds fun…

  • For PvE players – don't even bother! This game has the most mundane assortment of creatures that all behave the same – they attack and occasionally trigger their spell ability. They try to imply they have made improvement here by adding a 'PvE track' on the destiny board like somehow that will make PvE better…

  • For Solo players – This game is guild-centric, so you are left gathering resources (see my next point) or fighting creatures (see my previous point). Lucky you.

  • PvPers – If you like guild PvP you might have some good battles occasionally…but normally it's a zerg mess of mashing buttons and very little tactics.

  • They say they have Open-World PvP – that is 50% true (unless you are in safe zones, which there are plenty of, or unless you don't have your PvP flag turned on.) And full loot is not exactly true either. It's full loot in specific zones and specific cases.

  • Players keep dropping out of Albion (in fact they made the land mass smaller because they lost a bunch of players). From my experience, players give it a good month until they realize how boring Walking Online is and quit only to come back after a server wipe hoping that things have drastically changed.

  • Resource gathering and crafting is the basis of the game…which just gets old really fast. You don't have to do it but someone will…I feel bad for those players.

  • Pay to Win – Okay now we are coming down to the really bad things. Albion switch from being free to play, to Pay to Win. You have to buy the game first…but on top of that if you dump tons of money you can buy as much gold as you want. You can purchase a 'premium' status (which I had by default) – and it gives you Learning Points which you can just spend to improve your character. Also if you have a premium account, you character increases faster and gains more resources. In essence this means that Real money = Albion Gold = Learning Points + equipment + faster gains (hence Pay to Win)

  • Random crashes or loss of connection. I have no issues on any other games and this one has far lower system requirements. If you like pvp, this will is gonna annoy you. Enough said.

  • Their customer service is horrible. I've had issues simply logging into my account or receiving their verification emails. Their customer service was slow and generally not helpful or caring (which made me laugh because one of the rep's titles included "customer care agent". I'm sure there are plenty of people who have had no issues, I wish my friends and I were some of those.

In summary – Save yourself the money and don't buy

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