If you love Horizon you really should watch Person Of Interest (spoilers for those who finished the game)

So after finishing Horizon Zero Dawn a month ago, I'm fully ready to say that this is one of my favourite videogames of all time. I started loving it because of the graphics and gameplay, but by the end it was the story that made this memorable. The writers clearly did their research and toiled over putting this together. I just wanted to let other fans know about another piece of recent media that delves into some of the themes that this videogame does, a tv show called Person Of Interest.

In Horizon, an AI called Gaia was created to restore the Earth and humanity after an apocalyptic event.

The premise of Person of Interest is that after 9/11, the government had a genius (a philanthropist like Sobeck) build a massive surveillance system to look out for terrorist threats, but that guy also had the system watch over everyone so that violent premeditated crimes could be predicted and possibly intercepted.

I won't spoil much of POI past the premise of the pilot but will say there are remarkably high levels of research and themes in this show and Horizon. The main writer and showrunner is Jonathan Nolan (Westworld, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Memento). Every season tops itself, especially S3-S5.

The show is a procedural with strong serial elements used surprisingly. This just means that every episode has a new case, but the ongoing storyline is always in the background and can jump out out of nowhere, keeping you on your toes.

I highly recommend it!

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