if Blizzard wants us to only raid and log out, then why not make Warlords again? In response to the changes they keep making to people farming.

Everytime any sort of fun, efficient farm comes out Blizzard seems to want to stop it. Sentimax farming? Oh boy, you're having a little too much fun with it. How about we stop this? Now no one does Sentinax outside of the dumb Broken Shore quest like that.

Uh oh, the big bad 900+ ilvl's are farming Mythic 6-9. Better put a halt to this, lower the loot by 50%, and make sure higher ilvl and lower ilvl players never get to play together! This was legitimately the only time higher ilvl and lower ilvl players WILLINGLY played together, both had a reason to help each other.

It sure seems like Blizzard really wants to control how we play the game. If you want to control us so bad, why not just make Warlords again? It sure seems like you are slowly trying to just force us into that.

And guess what? When most people get Trait #52 for the final trait, you'll be one step closer to that. Each additional trait isn't enough of an increase for people to need to farm AP anymore once you reach it. Most people no doubt are going to slow down the time they dedicate to AP once they hit 52, and will just rely on when they raid for AP and order hall missions.

People are going to slow down on doing all the AP world quests, people will have 8+ legendaries and not feel much need to do the caches everyday. Once you do a +10 people won't feel much need to do Mythic+. So we'll be done with world quests and Mythic+ soon enough. So, at this rate Blizz is slowly going to coup us back into our Order Hall and queue from in there and not interact again.

It sure seems like they want to get us back into the that type of Warlords system where you just raid and log out.

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