I went through the campaign with Ansel and took pictures of the most interesting things

Sadly I cannot just link to a big imgur album because my net refuses to handle something that large, so instead this'll be a big amassment of clickable descriptions of what the picture is, so I hope you enjoy it anyways

I included stuff like normally not visible/hardly visible things, closeups, just cool looking pictures and so on, basically anything that's mildly interesting and possibly easy to miss if you don't pay attention to it

I try to keep the story-wise chronological order as well as possible, also if I mixed up some names, or mistakenly didn't know these things weren't only existent in the campaign, please correct me

Anyway here it goes:

Stuff from in-game

Knight's campaign

A Raider with a hand axe and a shield?

All in all, I saw a bit of interesting stuff throughout the campaign. I personally really like those Rank ornaments and symbols and I hope they are going to make them available to multiplayer too, same with the unique armour sets/ornaments I've found

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