I think this game will bounce back

I fuckin love this game and if the devs keep up with communication and updates I think we as a For honor community can come back from the losses that happened the past few mouths. This game is original compared to the FPS and Streefighters(not so much but you get the idea unjustise I'm looking at you) that flood the market, I think ubi will pull a siege with this one and I say this because of the amount of transparency and opennness that the devs have shown over the past few days+ the reveal of season 2 and how they are working on the connection, I think they where tight lipped because they didn't what to say anything with out it being a certainty. Don't make false promises because that can hurt you bad in business. To all the people who keep whining "duh game is dead" fuck off im still here and so is the rest of the for honor community. I think we will grow in numbers once ubi proves them self to being committed to the game and prove the "it was a cash grab" people wrong. Is this game perfect, fuck no, is this game worth while, in my eyes fuck yes. The odds are stacked against us as a community but I think, no I know we can be great again,

Also the memes on this sub Reddit are the best, looks over at DAUBENY

TL;DR the devs seem to care what happens to for honor and I think having this game die is the last thing they want.

Btw on iPad, plz excuse any spelling errors I'll get home and fix them.

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