I embarked on a journey through Easter Kingdoms as a level 20 starter edition Alliance Human Paladin. It was awesome!

I have only played WoW very briefly as a horde warrior a long long time a go on a friends account. After all these years later, now I am 20 years old and just wanted to see what was going on with the magical game I so loved during that short period of time. Here is my journey through Eastern Kingdoms as a level 20 starter edition Alliance Human Paladin. I went to places I should not be at, I went up against mobs that were insta-killing me. But at the end, I started from as south as I could and went as North as I could.

All in all, started from the north Stranglethorn and walked my way up to the gates of Silvermoon.

At first, I explored your usual 0-25 level starter areas such as Stormwind, Elywnn forest, Duskwood, Redridge Mountains, Westfall. Just questing to get my level up there. Then I started walking my way up North. My initial goal was to see Iron Forge but I got kinda lost/side-tracked and sneaked my way around towards the area which is home to Karazhan (this area was stupidly deadly for me though, so I came back as a druid in stealth mode to explore it more :D). Finding my way back to my original path, made it through the horrifying burning steppes and went through Dun Morogh and arrived at Iron Forge. It was amazing to see the anvil where the Ashbringer was forged!

From there I continued right and upwards to Loch Modan. From there to the Ungoro-like Wetlands (only more low level :)) through Dun Modr, I arrived at Arathi Highlands. Mobs were getting much difficult to defeat at this point and my equipment's durability was getting so low that I just ran off with my horse. From the refugee point I continued my way up through Southshore to, well Undercity where I got pretty rekt to be honest. So I backtracked to Aliiance territory. I started back from the Hinterlands to the Aerie Peak. I also saw a place called Scholomance but the place was pretty empty so I backtracked again and found Chillwind Camp. Making sure I was not getting anyware close to Undercity, I went around Scholomance to Easter Plaguelands.

At this point, I am just going from one tower to the other discovering the new flight masters. But then, I suddenly look up, and see it. Naxxramas was right there in front of me with all of its glory! I made way right beneath its, what I think was a teleportation device, but there was not much to see there and the undead was pretty deadly at that point (one shotting me pretty much). I also tried to visit the famous "empty" or "forbidden" zone that you reach towards the Stratholme instance I believe, but it was pretty much impossible for my level I believe. Anyway, Eastern Plaguelands was just insane. The music is just so terrifying I just can't explain with words. One of my favourite zones ever (again, the music is just…)

From the North tower I was able to sneak into Ghostlands finally. I recalled the name Ghostlands since me and my friend started a Blood Elf when we were playing back in the day. It was like 3 am in the morning so I had to keep it quick. I only went to the right side of Ghostlands and boy did it pay off. At Zul'Aman I saw Vol'Jin himself and even Vereesa Windrunner! Also I was finally at an area where I could easily survive (being a retr paladin in level 20 is tricky 😐 ). Finally, I reached the scar-thing (left by the Scourge I think?) And walked my way through it to reach the gates of Silvermoon (Where I was one-shotting "Silvermoon Guards" but being one-shotted by "Silvermoon City Guard"s :D).

So this concludes my journey! I slain Hogger, I saw Anduin, Vol'Jin, Vereesa, Muradin, Karazhan, Tomb of Uther, Naxxramas…

I have some questions however:

When I went to Iron Forge Muradin was alive, I saw the Tomb of Uther (so he is dead), I saw people talk about how they purged Kel'Thuzad and the undead, so I am pretty sure the started edition is set after WotLK.

People at Zul'Aman where calling Vol'Jin warchief, which suggests that it is after the Pandaria expansion.

And with my Druid, at Vermillion Redoubt, I saw talks about how Deathwing is a threat but Alextrazsa (I am assuming) can stop it. Which suggests it is during Catalcysm?

I am just confused as to when the starter edition is set. Different areas seem to be concerned with different timelines. Can anybody explain this? (I have been trying to get into the lore more, so it leaves me even more confused 🙁 )

Anyways, that way my journey. <
Here is an Imgur album
for some screenshots that I took along the way (I wish I took more 🙁 ). Maybe I brought back some good memories for you! Have a good day 🙂

EDIT: Needless to say I want to buy the game now. I just wish it wasn't this expensive 🙁 Where I live, a 30 day play time is equivalent to $50 in USA (in terms of buying power). Also what is the difference between subscription and play time?

EDIT 2: noooo! It was not Naxx. It was Acherus. Oops. Thank you u/Alixstar11

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