[Humor] How all cards will be in 2018

Arrows: Projectile speed increased by 200%

This is to make sure Arrows hit their target. Sometimes we have missed our minionz

Bomber: Cost reduced to 2 mana, range increased to 5.5, hitpoints reduced by 33%, damage increased by 200%

Currently, Bomber costs too much. We've reduced its value so that it can be even better at what it does.

All other Ranged Troops: Projectile speed removed and replaced with hitscan.

This will change up the meta, as there will be no more shots that don't hit their target. Hopefully we can see even more X-Bow and Mortar gameplay.

Skeleton Army: Skeleton count reduced by 5

We realized that the 1 elixir doots only have a few friends. We needed to do something.

Goblin Barrel: Split into three different cards, Stab Goblin barrel, Spear Goblin Barrel, and Goblin Gang Barrel.

We would like to see more *skill** so we added this to promote mind games and scrubs missing spells.*

Bomb Tower: Protective glasses removed

The Bomb Tower currently boasts an incredible usage rate. We felt that if we removed its glasses, people will call it ugly and quit using it.

Rocket and Lightning: Rocket and Lightning removed and replaced by Locketning, 10 elixir spell that deals the same damage as the health of a golem.

Currently, defense is too common. We would like to see more offensive, that is why we added a very offensive spell

Inferno Dragon: Movespeed increased by -50% and targets only swarms

We would like to make iD meta. Thus, we pulled off its helmet, so it wouldn't be weighed down all the time, and it could target the right things

Sparky: Put into every players deckslot 1, and made unremovable

We want to see this card more often, so we forced players to use it. Good luck!

Graveyard: RNG removed, so that no matter where you place it, one temporarily invincible skeleton always activates the king tower

We made this change to see if we could alter the meta…

Log: Pushes troops off map

Why shouldn't it?!

Royal Giant: Cannon removed, beard removed

We decided to give it a minor nerf, but then we realized that it was actually quite strong still, so we shaved it.

Bandit: Targets only crown towers, and dashes into the king tower, where it gets stuck

We watched too many James Bond movies, so now we want some espionage in our game.

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