Hoy Meta and suggestion

So I've played around 1000 games as a hoy captain, mostly in fleet battles, sometimes in 1vs1 hoy and I've noticed some things about 1vs1ing another hoy.

Basically, when you're behind the other hoy you're always 'in control' of the fight, you have the adventage and you can't be in a better spot against another hoy than behind the other hoy. You will always shoot the sails so their turning speed will be slower, allowing you to get the first angle for the first shots on their hoy. Keeping you in control again.

This leads to the really good hoy captains (and i've played against a lot of them on the UK Ahoy server) to never 'give up' the position behind them, which results in just a full frontal collision ram of both hoys -meta most of the time. Both captains just dont want to give up their back position.

Ofcourse you can argue, yeah but u can just shoot the front of the enemy hoy if it keeps charging towards you. Well, the hitbox of the front of the hoy (and the back) is really small, and if the enemy hoy's captain is good they will only keep steering in the angle of 1 or 2 cannons and 2 holes is really easily fixable and won't slow you down at all, especially when they are still shooting the sails on your hoy. Eventually the enemy hoy will catch up to you and will be behind you, leaving the enemy hoy in control of the fight again.

Thats my perception of the hoy vs hoy meta right now, maybe other (experienced) captains can share their vision on this.

Anyway, my suggestion to 'break' this stalemate meta is to either make sails repairtime faster or on par with hole repair time (Which I'm not a fan of, because fleeing ships are still very annoying) OR add a cannon to the back of the hoy (in the cabin) which would make it less interesting to stay behind the other hoy.


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