How to deal with Valk’s as Raider (Fool-proof Guide)

Here is how you deal with Valk as Raider. Parry her first light and go for a GB. Once up close and personal you get a guaranteed chance to get ask her out. She wont refuse your legendary advances, be smooth and very brave. Take her out to a nice restaurant maybe in weeb restaurant to show her you are not afraid of trying out new things as well as demonstrating what a cultured man you are. It is ok to pretend you know Japanese since she cant speak Japanese herself so it doesnt matter.

Then take her to all the best places I would personally recommend a picnic in Ashfield getting the supplies by raiding by raiding the local fortress. After you find love in one another I would recommend a marriage in Valkenhein invite everyone except the berserkers they get jealous since they are lonely neckbeards 🙁

On the eve of your wedding, make passionate love to your wife. It needs to be passionate, so passionate it activates any execution effects you have. It must for hours in sweaty and loving embrace and contact. It must be physically tiring like battle but you should know how to manage your stamina well. Keep eye-contact and focus on her rhythm and beautiful face maintaining eye contact and passionately kissing. Relish in the ecstasy of the act, you are not having sex right now you are making love. In the throes of passion you shall find a soul mate and a person for life.

At the moment of orgasm blessed by a lightning bolt from Thor himself pull out your weapon and shank her to win the duel.

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