How Dark Souls became my drug

When I first heard of Dark Souls was about the time Dark Souls 2 came out and more people were discovering the title. I heard about it from one of my friends, telling me about this world that is bound to fall to darkness unless someone lights some magical flame. It sounded like the dumbest game ever and I kept thinking "why not just like…pile a bunch of people on top of the flame and call it good?". My friend kept describing a an "open but closed" world to explore, describing areas where you could see other places you could travel to. I remember thinking it was like Oblivion or Skyrim, just with its notorious difficulty.

And then came the day that I played Dark Souls 2. At first I thought it was kind of dumb, the enemies hurt way too much, I remember my friend facepalming as I ran up to the ogre in Things Betwixt and smacked it, only to get flattened. He told me the game was a balance between being defensive with dodges and being aggressive with attacks, I eventually "got the hang of it", failing many rolls and getting lucky when my over aggression was rewarded. I almost quit but something changed my mind…i squeezed through the crack and found myself in Majula.

The place was enchanting, haunting, saddening, yet hopeful. I fought the dreaded pigs and they pushed me down the Majula pit. As I looked around Majula, I saw some places I would eventually visit; Heide's Tower being the most notable. A few years passed after I played and Dark Souls 3 came out. I had absolutely no interest until I was won over by watching my brother play for a couple hours.

I bought it and tried it and remembered why I liked Dark Souls 2. I beat the game before the DLC arrived and played 2 NG+ playthroughs before hungering for more. I bought Dark Souls 1 and the DLC out of my lust for exploration and treasures and combat, blew through it all, loving every single step of the way. I moved to Scolar of The First Sin, played through it all the way to Drangleic when Ashes of Ariandel came out. I bought Ashes and ran through it before my curiosity for Bloodborne got to me. I purchased Bloodborne and got almost all the way through it when DLC2 for Dark Souls 3 came out and I HAD to switch back.

It looks like the series ended with The Ringed City. But my lust hasn't been quenched and it never will be, to me, there will always be another antiquated kingdom, another flame that needs lighting, and another set of adversaries keeping me from my duty.

No other game will ever give me the same feeling as defeating a tough boss in Dark Souls.

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