Here’s why I think Supercell should stop focusing on releasing new cards and balancing, and focus on other general improvements and new features first (and more)

As you all know there are currently 72 cards available in the game, with 2 being released soon (Bats & Night Witch) which adds the total up to 74.

Looking back at 2016 & 2017 we didn't get that many more features. If I recall correctly, at global launch there were 42 cards (if this is wrong I'll edit it later).

That means we got 30 new cards since global launch (+2 to come soon).

How about features ?

  • Changes of features that don't have to do with card effectiveness in-game (amounts,names,etc..) from oldest to newest :

-XP required to get from level 8 to 9 increased by 25%.

-One new replay is published to TV Royale every hour.

-Battle Cost: Removed the Gold cost for Battles and Friendly Battles

-Chest Gold: To keep the Gold economy intact and compensate for the free Battles, chests give slightly less Gold.

-3 Changes to do with notifications

-Legendary Arena & Seasons Legendary Arena: Unlocks at 3000 Trophies. Seasons: Every two weeks, players above 3000 Trophies will be reset to 3000 and all deducted Trophies will be awarded as Legend Trophies!

-Tournament Rules Tournament Rules: Friendly Battles now use the all-new "Tournament Standard" level caps for truly fair-play matches! The level caps are: King & Crown Towers 8, Common Cards 8, Rares 6, Epics 3 and overtime lasts for 3 minutes. Have fun organizing your own tournaments!

-Arena 3-7 Chests: Now contain more cards and Gold, cost a few more Gems, but are overall better value!

-Card Donation: Rare Cards give 10 experience (from 5 experience

-Replay Controls: Show and hide replay controls by tapping the screen.

-Area Damage: Troops and buildings that deal area damage won't stop their attack if their target dies during the attack animation.

-Combat Mechanic changes

-Card Donation: Rare Cards give 10 experience (from 5 experience).

-Replay Controls: Show and hide replay controls by tapping the screen.

-Reduced the amount of Epic Cards needed to upgrade from level 7 to level 8 to 200 cards (from 300).

-etc., those are just the first few you can read the rest for yourself here

  • To sum it up we got little to no features (yea challenges, some new achievements that require cash, and a single achievement that has to do with playing (Friend In Need),20 gold per win at the highest arena,clan and clan battle chests,epic sundays,and a few new chests, but that ain't shit for a game that has been out for over a year, let's not even talk about how screwed up tournaments are with people scamming players with links, supercell should've adressed that shit a long time ago)

  • And we got leagues, had to do a whole line for this. Yea they are cool, you get a chest from which you can choose cards above 4000 trophies. But then again this isn't a permanent end-game solution. Brb gotta go to the toilet. So yea, It'll get boring after a while as you don't really progress at all except the league resets which move to 4300 and 4600, all you get is cards and some gold. Some people might disagree but I think we'll need a better end-game solution soon.

As you can see, most are just balancing the game/changing things only few new things are added, and if they are they were cards (which I didn't include in the list). Basically most of Supercell's time is spent balancing stuff and adding new cards. We only got Challenges as far as a new gamemode (there are so many good community suggestions, yet Supercell mostly ignores those or says they'll forward it to the team as a nice way to say f*ck you, we'll do us, you do you basically.)

What I think Supercell should do is release these 2 new cards that were announced, and then dedicate an entire update that is not mostly focused on changes that don't have to do with balancing or changing things. Oh and listen to the community more please.

But just FYI (For your information) Supercell makes about 845€mil in profit/year(Source: Wikipedia) and there's a single guy balancing the cards (he apparently talks to other members (who have their own sht to do) about it too so it looks like he isn't the only one when he actually is)) , when they could easily hire a bunch of employees and balance cards, release new cards, AND focus on general improvements (gold balance,new small overall improvement features,new achievements, etc.) at the same time. But that is a topic for another day. * P.S. If you're a SC employee reading this please take a look at a few ideas from the community and a few of my own :**

Keep in mind the values are randomly made up, don't look at the values too much but rather the ideas

  • Daily rewards for opening the game (logging in)

  • More gold per game (20 isn't sh*t, you get more from donating a rare card)

  • Make a 'Casual mode' where you play against a random player at tournament standard cards, the winner recieves 15xp and 25gold (limited to 20 a day for rewards) (or without rewards) ** Or just add another gamemode doesn't have to be this idea **

  • Boosts (1 day 3x chest unlocking speed,3x xp,2x chance for a legendary in chests,etc…, these would have a 1% chance to appear in chests and 5% chance to appear in the daily reward)

  • Gold chest (contains 15000-25000 gold)

  • Rare chest (250 random rare cards at Arena 11)

  • Separate tab for donations instead of the clan chat

  • Friend system in-game that doesn't have to do with Facebook <- this already exists in Clash Of Clans

  • Daily events (such as small boosts,higher legendary/epic rates for chests,etc.) <- this already exists in Clash Of Clans

  • Make a TV royale voting section where people vote which matches they want in TV royale (matches eligible for voting are selected by SuperCell's AI system), then the ones with the most votes get added to TV royale

  • Live chat while spectating battles for spectators

  • Buy new emojis with gems (because if I say with gold theres a 0% chance it'll happen) and then pick 6 from your collection, for your matchups

  • More achievements (Win 100;500;1000;2500;5000 battles, open 100;500;1000;5000;10000 chests, Recieve your first legendary card, Reach 1000;2000;3000;4000;5000;6000 trophies, etc..)

  • Hold battle button for 3s to get into battle to prevent accidental battles

  • More deck slots (since there are so many gamemodes now, 3 decks aren't getting the job done)

Thanks u/aryastark93 for the last 2 🙂

TL;DR : Make most of the next update about general improvements and new features that don't have to do with balancing/changing values and listen to the community more.

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