Had a “generous as frick” experience last night and needed to tell someone about it

I logged on last night just to try and get a quick nightfall run accomplished. I get no responses for like an hour. Eventually decided to try my hand at Crota's End since I hadn't touched it since House of Wolves. Find a group and join in and they're already at Crota. No biggie it will be cool to see how this fight plays out and learn it. Takes a little while, thankfully my group was really experienced and awesome about teaching, but eventually we down Crota and there's much rejoicing. I pick up an Adept weapon, an armor piece, and the emblem to activate the armor's decal. Pretty good if I do say so myself.

So the group doesn't completely disband and we decide to start the raid again. We run through all the way to Crota. Missed the Death Singer challenge by two seconds but oh well. Get another two armor pieces and two emblems to activate the armor decals in addition to another adept weapon and a legendary engram that turned into a decently rolled hand cannon.

I realize after killing Crota that I didn't have my Eidolon Ally on me and thought that I wouldn't get the quest complete for it. Turns out I didn't need it on me and so I wound up completing the Y3 Nechrocasm quest as well.

So after that I decide to end the night with a few strikes. I wind up running with a solid fireteam. You know the ones where words don't need to be spoken and yet you're all on the same page? We (arc) burn through two or three strikes like lightning… pun very much intended… so I reach out to them to see if we want to try the nightfall. Both agree and we fly in. Pop a three of coins for the hell of it going in.

We get through the nightfall in about 9 minutes. My three of coins pops and I get a 400 light Invective. I get my sunrise bounty for the week completed and what drops? Y3 Icebreaker!

So I end the night which started dismally with:

  • Adept Crota Auto Rifle
  • Adept Crota Pulse Rifle
  • Y3 Nechrocasm
  • 3 Armor Emblems
  • 3 Crota's End Armor Pieces
  • A decently rolled/useable legendary Hand Cannon
  • A close call with the Death Singer challenge
  • A random 400 light Invective
  • Y3 Icebreaker
  • And most importantly… three very awesome groups of guardians to play with.

Generous as F*@K indeed

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