[God Concept] Heka, Magic Incarnate

Another update, this time to Heka.

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Pantheon: Egyptian
Class: Mage
Subclass: Caster
Type: Ranged, Magical
Pros: High damage output, utility, team fights.
Cons: No mobility, low boxing potential.

In Egyptian mythology, Heka was the personification of magic and a god of medicine.

In Smite he would be the purest mage possible, equipped with magical spells and energy none have seen before. Heka excels at ranged damage and some utility and suffers close range. He is a floating man made of pulsing purple magic who has an echo behind his voice.



Passive – Seshaw

  • Heka does not use mana and instead has charges in place of this. He has 8 charges total and each charge takes 3s to regenerate. Using an ability consumes a charge and some abilities affect his passive charges.

Ability I – Ka

  • Heka fires a beam of magical energy in an 80ft line, dealing damage to enemies it hits. As this ability ranks up it grows by 2ft in width and length.
    Beam Damage: 80/140/200/260/320 (+70% of your magical power)
    Cost: 1/1/1/1/2 charges
    Cooldown: 17/16/15/14/13s

Ability II – Oblivion Spell

  • Heka creates a 25ft area of magic at a target location. This area puts enemies who enter into a new type of CC called stasis. Enemies who are in stasis have all of their movement, abilities, basics, and animations slowed the longer they are within the area. After 2.5s they are in complete stasis, unable to do anything until the ability ends. Upon secondary activation or after 5s, Heka will cause the field to implode into an orb and he will absorb the power from it, gaining a passive stack for each enemy inside.
    Implosion Damage: 60/100/140/180/220 (+80% of your magical power)
    Cost: 2/2/3/3/3 charges
    Cooldown: 16s

Ability III – Souldrain

  • Heka fires a beam of lightning in a thin targeter to 60ft. The first enemy hit is tethered to Heka and has their movement speed drained by 10% every 1s and takes damage every tick. While tethered Heka will drain his passive by half a charge every 1s, but will gain magical power in return which lasts for 4s after. This ability ends if the enemy gets more than 100ft away or if Heka ends it.
    Damage per Tick: 10/15/20/25/30 (+30% of your magical power)
    Magical Power Gained: 2 per tick
    Cost: 1/2 charges every 1s
    Cooldown: 14s

Ultimate – Mysticism

  • Heka splits into three, two clones situated on his sides at fixed positions. For the duration of this ability, everything Heka does is replicated by the clones entirely. During this time he regenerates his passive charges every 1s instead of 3s.
    Cost: 3/3/4/4/5 charges
    Cooldown: 90s

Please note that all my concepts are a WIP and will be updated constantly. Any constructive criticism and feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

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