First Person View Only Servers(Suggestion)

Before speaking about FPS servers wanna give a quick brief. Im not playing since january (800+ hours played on steam) at that time period there were lots of hack/glitch users that made me stop playing and get back to WoW.

2 Days a go loged in and played for 1 hour on a low pop pvp server to see whats going on. Really liked the weather system. However there are some things to be fixed about raining sounds. You know there is 2 type of raining sound, 1 is sound of rain when you are outside and second rain sound when you are inside. I will say X for outside rain sound and Y for inside rain sound. So I ve seen that if you are on a villa's balcony (which is actually outside) you still hear inside rain sound (Y). This is first thing need to be fixed and secondly if you are standing on the door of a villa rain sound changes instantly between X and Y and even though you are outside you still hearing Y till you walk 2-3 steps to outside. I have a suggestion for this in order to make it cool. Lets say when you are outside its 100% Volume X sound playing and when you are inside its 100% Y sound playing so if you are at door or some place which is semi outside you can play 50% X and 50% Y. This could fix the problem in my opinion.

My main suggestion is why there are no first person view only servers other than hardcore FPS servers (which is bullsh*t). There are lots of servers exist and %80 of the servers are already Low populated servers. Can you guys convert 2 of lowest populated pvp servers into only first person camera pvp servers with low ratio loot spawns. I have suggested this before i stop playing the game 4 months a go and some people supported this. FPS view is really good aspect when it comes to realistic atmoshpere since you cant see your back (like in real life) etc. so it adds another game mechanic to both PvE and PvP. Converting 2 of lowest populated servers won't make any problem and if you convert them to FPS view i think those servers will be atleast medium pop because im sure there are people wants this.

On the otherside I've stopped playing 4 months(almost 5 months) a go but i kept reading updates and game situation from reddit. Its been almost 5 months but still no new content and lets skip new content but there are people saying you ruined base building system and there are new game breaking bugs emerging. And I've realised when I stop playing h1z1 which has important bugs, glitches really frustrating and cause of cancer. For last 5 months im playing a stable game and feel really relaxed after h1z1.

I don't want to be killjoy person but I have faith on this game since I bought it on its alpha release. The game has huge potential and it could be one of best seller MMO games but you guys have to listen your player base and take right steps. Most importantly development speed is too slow. As I see now you say for some game braking bugs they ll be fixed when new base system come up. I am pretty sure that new base system will take 2-3 more months. That means go play the game just shoot yourselves but dont interest with doing base because there could be bugs and you might feel frustrated.

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