Few Questions

I love games like this and super hyped for Sea of Thieves even though the graphics are.. unique to say the least. I frakking loved Pirates of the Burning Sea, it was a awesome game. Now here are some questions if some can answer.

1.) Should buy at current state? Is the population slowly declining like most EA games?

2.) How is development? I read there are only 2 devs. Is it active? Any major patches/additions coming?

3.) is there a up to date road map?

4.) How many different ships is there? From what I gathered there are only 2-3 different ships or something. Is there any plans for more ships soon? Like ships actually almost released, not just devs saying "Will be more ships soon" but never get released or they do like 6month-1year later..

5.) How is the customization? From what I seen, there is really no customization.. Everyone looks same, has same gear as everyone else, cant customize your ship or anything.

6.) ATM I read theres so far 54 max players per server. What are they aiming to have at end game? Like how many players will be per server? Is there any current plans that are coming soon for more?

7.) Is there any current plans for more customization like more weapons, ship customization where you can change lets say cannons/masts etc.. like plans that are currently being worked on?

8.) Is it repetitive? With the little to null customization I have seen.. doesnt this game have to be repetitive after awhile? Same ships, same crews eventually, same battles? (Since little to no customization I imagine it be repetitive fast and eventually you will play experience the same battle over and over since little customization, theres only a certain amount of scenarios that can happen that can occur even if they are numerous, eventually it will be same scenario…)

Anyway thanks for any upcoming replies. I really wanna play a multi-crew ship game and this seems like the most active one or even only one I know of with active players so please any help or reasons to buy and stay playing (like cool patches/additions coming soon etc) would be awesome

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