Et tu, Ubisoft?

Given Ubisoft's track record with honeypotting people with false promises and bogus gameplay trailers, I guess the title isn't all too appropriate. But still, I expected much more out of Wildlands. I enjoyed the beta, and what little story the game had, but after beating the game, I'm starting to see just how lackluster Wildlands is. They add non-customizable DLC weapons/uniforms, have a narrow selection of actual military uniforms, fill "empty" provinces with interesting boss characters that have little to no story behind them and can be beaten within half an hour. Not to mention the gimmicky store items and Narcoleptic End-of-the-Road that also lacks a significant story.

I know people have moaned and groaned on this subreddit more times than anyone can count, but it really is frustrating. You shove more money than reasonable in Ubisoft's face and the most significant thing we get out of it is the ability to turn off the annoying in-game radios. Don't get me wrong, there are parts of the game I've enjoyed, but it could have been and still can be so much more if Ubisoft actually put forth the effort to make something more interesting than "Trucks with nitro that you race real fast." Again, I know my suggestions and bellyaching don't mean jack and Ubisoft is as likely to read this as they are to fix their servers, but you know. Venting. So! Here's a list of things I'd like to see added to the game in the parallel universe where Ubisoft actually cares:

  1. More tops, vests, footwear, helmets, the ability to forgo equipping a backpack, and more camouflage for said items. I'd really like to see some Russian, German, and UK camos added, as well as some more US camo, such as UCP-Delta, a few Tiger Stripe camos, and some colors you'd think you would see, like straight up navy blue.

  2. More weapons. This goes without saying, and I'm not talking about more pre-customized weapons that you can't do anything with other than sometimes slap a suppressor onto and maybe change the rate of fire on. And if we're doing the whole "Muskets and obsolete weapons" thing, they should at least add some iconic weapons like the M1 Garand, Thompson SMG, M60, and the XM8 that I believe was in the older games. I'd like to see at least five new weapons in each category. The shotguns are in the biggest need for an expanded roster, imo.

  3. More cutscenes/story. Other than Montuyoc, I found myself not really involved or interested in the stories of the other provinces and the bosses that inhabited them. I personally am a whore for cutscenes in games where you can customize the main character. I was a bit disappointed when the cutscenes in a nutshell were "Nighttime chopper ride, generic dark building, and end-of-story-thing." I also wish that the characters had more than 5 lines of dialogue (SHITBALLS) and spoke more during cutscenes, instead of listening to rough-and-tumble Bowman prattle on all the time.

  4. Some miscellaneous things like squad customization, vehicle customization, a wider variety of vehicles, and maybe plop a few more large interior bases/underground facilities into the mix. A degree of destructible environs would be fantastic, too, but that's pushing the envelope way too far given how the game is now and such. Oh, and more post-game content to keep people playing long after the story has ended (Challenges don't really count, imo)

Anyway, there's the end of my tirade. It just bothers me that I've been steadily losing interest in the game since I've beaten it, because I really enjoy playing it. But, there's only so many Unidad bases you can attack before it starts to get old.

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