Do people not understand what turtle meta even means?

I keep seeing people complaining about the turtle meta which is a real and legit concern. They then turn around to talk about how Parrying is OP and people are just waiting for you to attack and parry you all game. This is not the turtle meta people! Yes, it's annoying when people just sit and wait for you to attack but parrying is a risky move! You can punish someone trying to parry you very easily with a feint followed by a light or a guard break. Or if they are bad, feint and parry them back. This is not what the turtle meta means!

So lets address what turtle meta actually is. Turtle meta is the act of sitting there and blocking, rarely if every parrying and using safe moves. On PC the perfect example of this is warlords head butt spam. He can just sit, block and headbutt over and over. This is a bit different on console since many fast moves are safe due to their hard to parry nature so people will only block and occasionally use hard to block stuff like orochi zone, pk lights and wardens top light / zone.

This turtle meta consisting of only blocking and doing safe moves is why the best classes are ones with moves like headbutt, shoulder bash or fast harass moves like PK lights and zone.

So how to fix the turtle meta. Here is where we leave the fact zone and enter the my opinion zone. A simple solution to the turtle meta would be chip damage. Why does chip damage solve the turtle meta? Not only does it cause those that are sitting there blocking everything to eventually get down to low health but it also encourages people to parry which will negate any chip damage and turn the board from defense to offense during the fight. Yes, I said it, to fix the turtle meta you need to encourage people to parry! Please do not forget that the idea of parrying and feinting leads to mind games and punishment. You attack them and they refuse to parry will result in them taking chip damage and lowered health, they decide to try to parry but you predict it and feint them and you get a free punish in the form of a light to start a combo or a guard break. Bam no more turtle meta.

This is much easier said than done. The meta would shit a lot more than people might think. Classes like zerker would get lots stronger since they rely on spamming random lights in some instances so chip damage would need to be adjusted to each class maybe based upon attack speed.

TL;DR Turtle meta has nothing to do with parrying. It's when your opponent only blocks and does safe spammable still moves to slowly lower your health.

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