DLC Boss readjustment is bad. DLC spoilers.

I feel like a lot of people forgot, when they were screaming about nerfs to the boss, is that this is a boss, not some random PvP covenant stuck in the middle of the DLC. You cannot bypass this boss, and the main reason I don't like the nerfs is, from the get-go, the odds are stacked in the challenger's favor:

  • The boss cannot heal.
  • The boss will typically (since the matchmaking is done via SL), have much less health than any other enemy in the DLC, let alone boss in the game itself.
  • The boss (if they are a player) will make mistakes that can be punished. Very few players play perfectly, especially in 1v4 or 2v4 scenarios.
  • The boss has limited poise compared to other bosses.

I can understand why people are salty about the Spear of the Church fight, since it will be many players' introduction to PvP, but the idea that one boss fight shouldn't obey the same rules as every other boss fight in DS3 is ludicrous. A boss is supposed to get improved defenses when the host summons phantoms, because that's how every other boss in the game works. Heck, there are still advantages that the Spear doesn't get if they're being ganked:

  • The Spear doesn't get improved resistance to status effects.
  • The Spear doesn't get improved poise.

Ultimately, the only advantage a Spear of the Church gets over the host is the Painting Guardian, who is a non-issue if focused on correctly (I was able to take out the Guardian before the Spear got summoned on my playthrough, and the second one was a non-issue). It is entirely possible, in 1v1 scenario, two easily take out the Spear, since the Spear doesn't have insane damage, is parryable, vulnerable to bleed, poison, and toxic, and is even backstab-able. I'm trying to be respectful here, but I don't think there was any major issue with the Spear of the Church boss fight as it was, and the nerf, in my opinion, is going to kill the covenant, since it will be incredibly difficult for the boss to deal with 1v3 and 1v4 fights.

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