Devs you done goofed

Do to the litany of animations that Ubisoft games constantly cram down our gullets, the ghosts are unable to conduct a tactical reload. Tactical reload also known as a condition 3 reload. Typically happens during a short lull in a gunfight, when the reloader is unsure of his or her round count. A tactical reload allows the gunfighter to reload a mag on any semi or fully automatic weapon that fires from the closed bolt position. In the game currently, every time the player conducts a reload when there is still ammo left in the current mag, the character cycles the bolt/charging handle. This then expels the round that was already in the chamber. Devs, this is a simple immersion fix. I would also suggest that when playing on the highest difficulty there should be no magic ammo pickup off dead SB, rebels, or Unidad. Similarly, if you conduct a tactical reload the mag that you tossed is now gone, you do not retain those rounds. Alarmingly, the dev team didn't create an animation for retaining a spent magazine. This is something that many tier 1 operators do. A simple sweeping motion from weapon system to dumpsack or pouch. No sense in wasting good gear.

Belt fed weapons typically fire from the open bolt position and are not really eligible for a tactical reload, but semi automatic pistols, machine pistols, smgs, and most assault rifles are. Also, there should be no reason to cycle the bolt on a bolt action rifle when swapping a mag when there is a round in chamber.

Just my thoughts and something that could be a really easy but immersive patch. I wonder if they worked with any Foreign or domestic military service members in making this game.

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