@Devs, how about a compromise ?

I been reading all the stuff ppl have been posting about whats been changed with the current building system and how its not gonna revert back and that its needed for the upcoming building system ect ect.

And after reading some stuff today on the post asking ppl to show off their base designs it got me thinking…

Why not as a compromise to all this make some subtle changes to raiding as a make weight ?

I know a fair few clans have either stopped playing or are not playing as much as normal and tbh for me persoanlly I really wanna play but I know how its gonna go so im not prepared to put countless hours into the game to lose shit even easier than it was before to lose your shit…

So my idea is this and im just throwing numbers out here, im sure with some decent thought put in it could be stream lined to be really good. And im sure it would be easier than adding new base parts or recoding anything.

Just change the amount of explosives each item takes.

So currently its something like this.

  • Gate = 80 Eth/40 IEDS
  • Wall = 80 Eth/40 IEDS
  • Shelter = 80 Eth/40 IEDS
  • Metal Door = 40 Eth/20 IEDS
  • Doorway Door = 40 Eth/20 IEDS

So given that to make a raid cheaper if players scout a base to see where the loot rooms are they can perhaps blow in sideways ignoring the ramp/stairs and gates and go directly to the loot saving bombs. I know thats been nerfed with floating Eth being fixed, not played to see if it actually is fixed or not…

So why not put some thought into them numbers so something like this maybe.

  • Gate = 80 Eth/40 IEDS
  • Wall = 160 Eth/80 IEDS
  • Lower Shelter = 160 Eth/80 IEDS
  • Upper Shelter = 160 Eth/80 IEDS
  • Metal Door = 60 Eth/30 IEDS
  • Doorway Door = 80 Eth/40 IEDS
  • Doorway = 160 Eth/80 IEDS

At least this way builders can make a route to their main loot areas that takes more to get to than it is now unless ppl just build 50 deck bases ect..

My groups bases used to be 50 deck bases but over time that got old quick, we decided as I think many groups did to scale down our base and be smart about where we store stuff and how we build to make it harder to get through. This proposal at least gives back some of that thought put into a build and like wise for the raid too.

The show us your base design post made me laugh, I knew before I looked it would either have massive 50 deck bases or simple 1 deck bases that all look the same.

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