[Destiny 2] “There’s a reason Guardians take the fight to Saturn.”

Here is a waxworm larvae next to a Hive worm in the Ghost scan

As a further piece of interesting symbolism, the wax moth larvae, also known as a waxworm (commonly found in pet stores as lizard food), is a pest very familiar to beekeepers. These worms feed on the bee’s honey, which can result in the destruction of the comb. Here is a fascinating piece of information, taken directly from Wikipedia:

“Populations of these moths take over the honeycombs of bee colonies, usually when the bees are in a weakened state. Lesser Wax Moths can often be seen in bee colonies trying to lay their eggs, but in most cases the worker bees will eliminate them and keep the moths from over-running the colony. When the colony is going through a period of stress, such as after the loss of its queen bee or under starvation conditions, the moths may completely take over the honeycombs.”

In other words, waxworms feed on the Hive from the inside out – just as is threatened in the Books of Sorrow IX (“If you do, your worm will consume you”), and just as ultimately happens to Oryx.

Early in D1, we learn that the moon is honeycombed with tunnels that have been bored – rather than dug – into the ground, as though something has chewed its way through the center of Luna. You’ll also note that, when traversing the labyrinth on the Dreadnaught that we enter after defeating Golgoroth, we encounter moths fluttering along the way, often over the pits into which careless Guardians can fall to their death.

The moth related theme of a Hive of bees (or zombie space Nazis as the case may be) getting infested and taken over by an invading pest, the wax moth, has a very interesting parrallel here when you consider that the Harbinger Minds appear to be somewhat sentient, and that they were sent into the Dreadnaught as part of the plan to somehow reproduce on the Dreadnaught. To take over the weakened Hive colony when say, we kill all their leaders, dance on their graves, and wear Oryx’s arse as a hat?

“So now the decision is nigh. The Harbingers, which to prepare?” Shuro was determined to see this all through. Excitement was taught to be kept at bay.

“We cannot send them all.” Portia reminded.

“All but one, the oldest. It stays with us. Sedia, Kalli, Shuro, take the children, tell her they are to be planted into a dead thing to have children of their own.” A plan hid behind Illyn’s eyes, but Techeuns do not share their eyes with others.

The Harbingers are a pest, the theme of a pest species invading and taking over a Hive has been reversed, now it is the Hive of Oryx that is going to be devoured, his great rebuke of causality hollowed out and captured by the invader.

Whatever the full scope of the Queen’s plan, it seems a part of it was to capture intact the Dreadnaught which is why it was not destroyed, and to commander it. “They barely got a foothold before the weapon was fired.”. It sounds sooo close to failure, but read it closely. They. Got. A. Foothold. The Harbingers are inside, they’re taking over the Dreadnaught right there in the rings of Saturn. I believe we’re going to find out very soon whether or not you can graft yourself onto another’s Throne World, whether or not the Queen can steal Oryx’s Throne World for herself and gain the same immortality. Whether the Harbingers can replace one Hive with another.

The Nine

Basically, as I detailed here not too long ago, the Nine and the Reef are in a cold war that is about to get very hot. They cooperated in a sense earlier during the Reef Wars when the Queen attacked the House of Wolves, and the Nine took the opportunity to solidify territorial gains over what used to be HOW holdings in the Jovian moon system. However, the Reef was denied the opportunity to consolidate too much, and after the Queen gave them the captive Wolf Skolas as a token of friendship to commemorate their “mutual victory”, the Nine promptly sent their pet Golem, Xur to release the hateful Kell, turned him around, pressed a gun into his claws and a ship into his command, and said “kill”. He didn’t need to be asked twice. And amidst all the chaos that Skolas wrought in his recent rebellion, as the Reef was weakened, in their place it was the Nine who have expanded, and now they threaten even the Reef itself. If my above theory on the Awoken using the Harbingers to commandeer the Dreadnaught is correct, then we can expect the ultimate surprise MFers, as the Nine suddenly find themselves outmaneuvered, outflanked and outplayed by the Queen. This sort of Maverick move is fairly important if the Queen wishes to fend off not only the ever expanding Nine but also to reclaim territories that apparently once belonged to the Reef.

"Was a time even Mars itself was the Queen's domain." – Long Tomorrow 9G, Chest

There is also an as yet unknown aspect in which the Reef may be destabilizing politically in the absence of both the Queen and her brother, Prince Uldren. The possibility that the Queen rose to power through violence, that there maybe other royal claimants that could challenge her in her absence, in the reef or as refugees in the City, and the overlap between these past historical events, previous control of Mars, and a strange and eccentric guardian that was resurrected on Mars with nothing but a Silver coin to call his own, is quite intriguing . That assassinations have been attempted against Petra Venj, the Queens Wrath and defacto leader of the Reef in the Queen’s absence only adds fuel to the fire, requiring the Queen return asap, and the role of the Nine in instigating and supporting these conspiracies against the Crown has not yet been ascertained.

(For reference, please see reports 13455.45, 13455.58, and 13455.98: Post Taken War Reef politics, Tech Witch Conversations and Petra, and Assassination Attempts, Petra)

Report: Taken Power

The Cabal

I don’t really have anything here besides that with a massive and much needed expansion of Cabal lore, bungie can put them wherever they want to, and if that’s a little bit of Saturn on the side then so much the better per my theorizing.

The Exos

I blended this point into the Rasputin section, but essentially Cayde’s Treasure Island book hints at whatever the origin of the Exos are, and whatever their relationship to Clovis Bray, SIVA, and the Exodus Program (which coincidentally makes way to much sense if Exo is an abbreviation besides the words actual meaning), the answers must lie beyond Earth. Throughout the Transmission Crisis and SIVA which may be one of the tools used in their creation, SIVA is developed on Mars then produced on Earth, but by the time of the Exo program Cayde talks of Saturn or a moon somewhere else, somewhere colder. The whole nature of the Exos along with the Deep Stone Crypt is likely to be given a little more cowling on the alloys in Destiny 2, and could keep us quite interested in Saturn.

The Anything Else Category

Because I wanted a list with seven items on it. But in all seriousness, a set of PS exclusive armour one for each class (Long Tomorrow 9G;Jovian Guard; and the Barkhan Dune sets), that was released in TTK, includes this line in the Long Tomorrow 9G Helmet

"Some of 'em survived. I know a fellow says he saw a wish dragon on Jupiter a ways back."

“Wish dragons” is a reference to the Ahamkara. Powerful but untrustworthy beings the City ordered exterminated yet appear far to alive. If they’re alive in Jupiter, they’d probably also be alive and kicking on Saturn, or at least close enough nearby, relatively speaking. In any event, The Great Hunt to exterminate the wish dragons, the Ahamkara, was conducted before Guardians had really even reached out to Mars, and the Reef was still entirely off limits. So any dragons that were beyond our range such as in Jupiter, Saturn or the outer planets would be entirely unharmed.

So in conclusion, whether the destiny rumor mill is true or not, there are more than enough reasons in and of their own right for us to be getting involved in a lot of crazy shit happening around Saturn.


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