Console Patches are actually unacceptable

Stop lying to us. Stop hitting us with the "Oh Microsoft and Sony have to license these patches which is the reasoning behind their delay." We got this Ganesha patch like 3 weeks late. You open the item store and everything freezes and you have to close app to do anything. This is worse than the Fire Giant/relics patch a few back. It's incredibly clear that you guys don't play test anything or if you do, you're okay with rushing out an unfinished product and giving us something that is LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE. Like not joking, it's actually unplayable in its current form. Are patches ported over from PC to console directly with no playtesting? Is your company this understaffed or are your resources just devoted to unfruitful ventures like Paladins and Apollo's Racer Rumble? You are losing your hold on your console community. NO ONE is excited for a month late patch that's a buggy unplayable mess. Leave me on 4.6 if 4.7 means the game stops working. If I fucked up anything this bad at my $15/hr job repeatedly, I'd be fucking terminated. What happened when S4 started? Did the console team just started shooting heroin instead of playtesting? Stop pissing in my cornflakes. I wanna play smite.

EDIT: The F2P argument. Let's say you go to a restaurant. Their policy is this. They will give you a free hamburger, but you have to pay for all the toppings. The hamburger meat is rotten. It ruins your experience. You feel as if you bought lettuce for no reason. You complain to the manager. "Stfu noob it's a free burger".

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