Clash Royale next update concept

All of this information is invented by me and it's not likely to appear in the next update, but i hope SupErcEll is listening!

  • New clan mechanics:

    • Now you can see wich clan members are online, just like facebook friends!
    • By donating one epic, you get 1000 gold (instead of 500)
    • If you get first place in the clan chest leaderbord, you get a bonus 2000 gold.
    • New matchmakimg system:
    • Now, you will only battle players your level only, for example, if you are lvl 9, you'll only battle lvl 9 players (the cards don't count) (only aplies to the ladder). This was ment to reduce the number of trophy droppers.
  • In a clan battle, you and your clanmate will face two players from a clan wich has a total trophy count similar to your clan (kinda like the ladder).

    • New chest mechanics:
    • You'll be able to see the last 10 chests you opened in the Activity Log, with the Chest History (Achivements moved to the profile page, other players will be able see your achivements).
    • New cards:
    • Assasin: epic, 3 elixir, targets: ground, Hp: 600, dmg: 140, hitspd: 1.3 sec, spd: fast, found in: arena 9.

    "This quick fellow will sneak around and stab you in the back! Your troops and buildings can't see him while he's walking, giving ranged troops a hard time shooting him!" – Viking: rare, 4 elixir, targets: ground and air, range: 4.5, hp: 700, dmg: 155, hitspeed: 1.5, speed: med, found in: arena 8.

    "The scandinavian cousin of the barbarian… He throws axes at his opponents, dealing big damage. Hard hitting AND ranged?! Wow, Damn you're strong!" – The Destroyer: legendary, 5 elixir, targets: air and ground, range: 5, area damage: 150, hit spd: 1.4, poison dmg/sec: 58, hp: 950, speed: med, death dmg: 300, found in: arena 10.

    "The Destroyer, as the name says, destroys everything in his path, poisoning for 3 seconds enemy troops or buildings on contact. After death, he explodes and poisons all nearby troops and buildings. This fiery skeleton knows how to party!" – Hunter: legendary, 5 elixir, targets: air and ground, range of axe: melee, range of gun: 3-5, hp: 1200, melee dmg: 230, ranged dmg: 170, melee hit spd: 1.2, ranged hit speed: 1.3, spd: medium, found in: arena 10.

    "The hunter has traveled in all the kingdoms, seeking for a great treasure! From far, he brings his gun, from close, he chops with his good old axe. He never gets bored of defeating enemies!

    See you in the arena!

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